Mouse Guard Winter 1183

Session 1

A journey begins.

The patrol reunited at Lockhaven in the midst of a heavy snow. Grizwold, Claire, Ash, and Vance took his character sheet returned from a very successful mission shoring up the scent boarder of the southwest. After delivering the letter from their contact Jameson, they retired to the tavern and met up with a rather lonely Horatio.

Unfortunately, the stories and dinner were interrupted by an urgent summons to The Matriarch’s office. Kempley, the Matriarch, had received news from Borl that the eastern scent boarder had failed, and that the locals were hastily erecting a new one to keep out the recent influx of predators. The patrol readily agreed to a hair ride to Borl to help, and Edwin the Messenger Pigeon rider departed with the good news. The group prepared for the next day’s ride, pooled their funds for hiring the hares, and all but Ash got a good night’s sleep. Ash stayed up the whole night gathering alchemical supplies.

The morning’s ride was greeted with clear weather, and the patrol made excellent time traveling beyond Blackrock before it got dark. They found a suitable hidey-hole and bedded down, each guard member taking a watch. Unfortunately, the previous sleepless night caught up to Ash who fell asleep during the last guard, and when Grizwold woke at first light they all found that their camp had been raided by thieving grey squirrels. They tracked the squirrels for an hour, finally catching them as they were burying the patrol’s belongings. The Guard Mice attacked the squirrels and their chittering leader Napoleon, slaying most of the thugs. However, after being wounded, Napoleon fled, leaving his hat and rapier behind. The patrol regathered their supplies, as well as excavating some of the squirrel’s other stolen goods, and continued their journey after meeting back up with their hare steeds.

The final leg of the journey involved leaving the path to shortcut cross-country to Borl. The patrol skillfully navigated the terrain, and arrived in the stump-city shortly after dark. Grizwold met with the pompous magistrate Constantus, and the rest of the patrol secured lodgings for the night. Grizwold was told that he could contact the local doctor Allen in the morning, and assist him with the scent border construction. Exhausted from the hurried trip, the mice bedded down for a good night’s rest before the next morning’s construction.


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